10 Most Common Questions to a Vegan and Vegetarian

A few days ago , I shared the questions and answers of Nancy Siy about her becoming a vegan, the way she does veganism is not a joke. It is a serious move that involves life principles and a matter of choice. Here's another common questions to vegetarians/vegan and her answers as I interviewed her via facebook.

Actually this was also shared before by my vegan friend Rhea Manuel
10 Most Common Questions (and answers) people who first find out I’m vegan ask me:
1. So you eat fish?
Of course not. Fish are animals too.

2. What do you eat?
Vegetables, legumes, grains, fruits.

3. Where do you get your protein?
Soy products, nuts, etc.

4. Where do you get that discipline?
It does not require any discipline. Does it require discipline for a "meat-eater" not to eat a monkey or a horse?

5. Don't you miss meat?
No. Meat is disgusting.

6. What's the difference between a vegetarian and a vegan?
A vegan subscribes to the whole philosophy of abstaining from any animal use in as much as it is possible. This extends to clothing choices, bathroom product purchases, entertainment choices, etc on top of the normally associated food intake.

7. What made you turn vegan?
Realizing that my choice to eat meat harmed others- the animals, the environment, the hungry people in other parts of the world.

8. So you don't eat junkfood or drink softdrinks?
I still eat junk food like potato chips but not as often anymore. There's so much better food to eat than junk. I drink softdrinks from time to time, that's only because I like the taste of rootbeer. I do not drink any Coca Cola products because Coke has many human rights violations. Check out killercoke.org for more information.

9. (In a restaurant, upon receiving their plates with meat dishes) Sorry, is it okay if we eat meat in front of you?
It depends on the situation. Sometimes I would say "I prefer that you do not, but I cannot control your choices" or "I would appreciate it if you do not". If they already have their "food" in front of them, it is kind of pointless. But if they ask before their order, I would definitely encourage them to try the non-animal food items.

10. How is vegan spelled?
Is this a joke? V-e-g-a-n.

Thanks to Vegan Nancy Siy for this.

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