Becoming a Vegan

A few months ago I met a girl who just turned vegan. I admire people who decides to go veg because the will to sacrifice to help animals and the environment is a something that is worthless, the best choice and above all it's naturally nonviolence. I salute Nancy for her deeds , she also influences her friends to go veg. She shares her food to her friends to make them feel that veg is a better option. She also likes yoga, which is an ideal veg lifestyle. Because vegetarianism is a yoga lifestyle.

I asked her a few questions on how she became a vegan:

1. How long have you been vegetarian/vegan? why did you become vegetarian?
- I turned vegetarian Nov 2009 and vegan around one month after. When I read "Meet Your Meat" and saw undercover videos of factory farming, it was the first time I became aware of the violence involved in production of meat, dairy, and eggs. I just cannot contribute to that needless violence anymore.

2. Is it difficult to be veg? what makes it difficult?
- It was not difficult at all. It's easier than I expected. I had no cravings. How could I? How appealing is rape and murder for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? If there is anything difficult, it's the people around me who want to challenge my decision and continuously try to find fault with this choice- it's the insensitivity, the ignorance, and lack of information.

3. What changes did you notice in you when you became veg?
- I no longer had digestion problems. Animals come near me more. I feel more at peace. I am happier.

4. What is the usual reaction of people who just knew you're veg?
- Some think it's a good thing but have a bunch of excuses why they can't do it. I am hoping they will reach the point in their lives when they become ready. Others resort to ridicule and refuse to read what I read or see what I saw- they are just unwilling to have the information that may change their lives.

5. How did you get into animal rights advocacy?
- It came naturally. When I decided to be vegan, I thought it would be a personal choice that will end with me. The idea of being an advocate or an activist seemed extreme- but now because I want the world to know what I know, my actions have naturally resembled that of an advocate's and activist's even if it is confined within the circle of people I already know.

6. Did you volunteer in any organization?
- I volunteer for PETA and online for Vegan Pledge. I also join online forums to talk about veganism and provide support whenever possible.

7. What did you do in your organization?
- For PETA, it can be anything from writing letters to stuffing envelopes. For Vegan Pledge, it's a program where you get to become a new vegan's coach to provide moral and practical support. I have yet to have a coachee though.

8. Are all animal rights advocates vegetarians?
- I would like to think so. Actions need to be aligned with values, so if one believes in animal rights, then one has to be vegan. That's the minimum, I think.

9. What are the animal rights group in the philippines that you know?
- CARA, PAWS, PETA. WWF is not an animal rights group- it's a speciesist group founded by hunters so they can preserve a select group of animals. In my eyes, they do not care about animals.

10. Where do you get your food?
- Supermarkets like SM for vegetables and fruits. I also go to Legaspi Sunday market. For treats like ice cream, chocolates etc, I go to Healthy Options.


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