My First Weekend of September #HappyBirthdayMamaMary

I am a hardworking person on Modays - Fridays and I deserve a lot of happiness during my weekends #selfproclaim.

My weekend starts at Friday's the last day of's the time to prepare for my weekend getaways!

My Goals:  First Weekend of September  

September 6-8, 2013

Friday Night: Get A Good Quality Sleep....a long one. No one can wake me up on a Saturday morning.

Saturday Morning
If there is no running activity I will sleep until afternoon. If there is an early run I will sleep early on Friday night.

If there is a run and it's just in BGC I will join, but if it's far I won't.

If it's just BGC it won't be stressful to go there from our house. If it's beyond the area I'd rather just do my own run.

My time is limited, I need to run without getting stressed. I haven't run for a month now. I should run next week by all means.

Saturday Afternoon: 
I have to Thank you Lord. You gave me the chance to treat my Mom for a lunch. Thank you because Sbarro at KPMG is closed so we ate at Chowking, which is cheaper. :-)

At 1 pm I have to prepare for my Yoga Pilates class at Options Studio in RCBC. Special Thanks to my co- blogger JR Bustamante for recommending me to her sister who's a Yoga Instructor from Singapore, now here in the Philippines.

It was nice to meet you Joella, you were such an amazing instructor. Thank you for guiding me in our Session #1 of Pilates. I am feeling the body aches right now specially the core and the hamstrings. I am loving this feeling. Wonderful!

Thank you Lord for the rain. I have no choice but to stay at Options and watch my co-blogger Vince do his Pilates.

Saturday Night:
I need some entertainment

Now it's time to see my favorite stars in the opening night of Sineng Pambansa. Thank you Campaigns Grey and SM for inviting me to see Philippine Master Directors together with their best actors and actresses.

Sunday Morning:
It has been my devotion to attend Yoga For Life community class at 8 am in Beyond Yoga. This is my way of relieving stress. This is what I do that completes my weekend. Thank you Duds for guiding us in our Yoga Practice.

10 AM
Gym workout after the Yoga class.

Sunday Afternoon:
Bonding with my family...Lunch together!

My little brother Carl is big time now, he got his OT Pay and it's huge. Thank you sa libreng Coffe Bean Tea Leaf. Thank you for the time Mommy, Camz, Tata and Tita Lucing.

Sunday 4 pm:
Not part of plan but when I learned that The Running Priest Fr. Robert Reyes will be having a mass at Forbeswood I immediately wake up my mind to attend.

#HappyBirthday Mama Mary

Sunday Night:
Watch movie "Lihis" premiere night at SM North.

I am so glad to accomplish all of this on a weekend.

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