Missed the Unilab Run United Leg 3

Last March 4,  I ran the Unilab Run United leg 1 - 3K. On June 17 , I ran the Unilab Run United leg 2 - 21K and recently September 16 - I missed the Unilab Run United leg 3 - 21K.

Friday, it was 2 days before September 16 when I got my race kit at the Unilab office, thanks to Janice Miguel for squeezing me in the list of bloggers of will run. I got so excited because it will be my third 21K run.

During the night I had a bad experience with my car.  I ran out if gas along Amorsolo St. in Makati and caught in the middle of the night finding ways on solving it. It was raining so hard that night and I had no choice but to leave it there.

The next day my car was towed and I have to get it from the impounding.

To make the long story short I was very stressed and upset that day. I also felt so bad about what happened and started to feel headaches.

Saturday, the night before the race I am still bothered by the things happened to me but still managed to prepare my gears so I can run on Sunday morning. I put the alarm on 3 am.

When I woke up at 3 am on September it was raining badly in our area(Taguig) so I decided to skip the race because I feel that my body is not conditioned for the race plus I might get sick if I run under the rain.

I feel so bad because I was not able to run. I'll just make it up to the upcoming race; Rexona Run and Adidas King of the Road.

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