How Vegetarian Friendly is Kung Fu Kitchen, Seafood Island and Tokyo Grill in SM Manila?

Last Sunday September 16, I had the honor to meet the owners Marvin Agustin, Raymund Magdaluyo and Glecy Lopez-Go at SM Manila during the event called Triple Treats at the 4th.

It was a triple treat because it was a tour of food bloggers and traditional media to three restaurants namely Kung Fu Kitchen, Seafood Island and Tokyo Grill.

The event was full with friends and VIP guests such as Mutya ng Pilipinas Beauty Queens, Divine Lee and Duncan Ramos.

Ok. So what are the vegetarian options that I found here:

In Kung Fu Kitchen, I asked one of the owners Glecy Lopez-Go what can she recommend for vegetarians here. She said because this is a Chinese restaurant and they offer more pork based dishes I can only have their Kenya Beans with Tofu. She said that if you are a vegetarian you can ask the waiter to make your Kenya beans vegetarian because in the menu it contains meat. I'll post the photo soon.

They have vegetable warriors in the menu but you have to check the ingredients because it contains meat. The average budget in Kung Fu Kitchen is 400 Php.

At the Seafood Island they've got a few vegetarian options as well such as latto salad, inihaw na talong and steamed vegetables. The average budget in Seafood Island is 300 Php

At the last stop of our tour - Tokyo Grill, they have kani salad and there's more. Average budget? 250 Php.

If I were to recommend what is the most vegetarian friendly I would say it's the Kung Fu Kitchen

Kung Fu Kitchen opens its first flagship store at SM Manila, soon to become a hole in the wall in the city of Manila.

Finally, the mix of cultures and the love to share food takes you to what Pinoys have acquired from the military training – the boodle feasts at Blackbeard’s Seafood Island. The tradition of cameraderie from the army enticed the Filipino whose culture of fiestas eating on banana leaves became a craving for

Pinoys to keep the boodle feast tradition. Seafood Island SM Manila from its parent Red Crab resto chains, sprung in different malls and business districts to provide a bonding experience to foster cameraderie among office work teams and barkadas.

It’s the use of fingers and the knack to share food in one big plate creating memorable experiences for groups and families now open at the 4th floor of SM Manila, perfect after a night of movies with families and barkadas. Indulge on their famous I am Ninoy(Dagupan) Boodle Feast, the best of the Philippine islands has to offer, a mix of meat, seafood and other grilled goodies.

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