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Exercise and diet are not enough to keep the wrinkles away. I sometimes need a Facial Signature Treatment from Diana Stalder, the Skin Clinic that takes care the good looking and fresh faces celebrities the likes of Dimples Romana, Valene Montenegro, Yayo Aguila, Daiana Menezes, and many more.

I got the chance to experience Diana Stalder’s Signature Facial and Reaffirming Mask, these treatment is perfect for an oily skin type like mine. 

It’s so cold and it’s gonna cover your eyes and lips so the only way you can breathe is thru your nose, and that’s gonna take for 20 minutes. It's a total of an hour treatment.

Signature Facials are:

Supreme (face only) 420

Supreme Plus           800

Plus the effect will make you look younger, and feel better about your appearance.

Reaffirming Mask is one of their choice for Casmara Spanish Facial Mask, it has a very smooth effect on skin. Here's a complete list of Casmara Spanish Facial Mask:

C40 Bi-Phase Soya Mask 1,100

Reaffirming Mask               700

Vitamin Vegetable Mask    700

Nov Anew Mask                 700

Regenerin Mask                 700

Green Mask                        700

Sensitive Mask                   700

Green Tea Mask                 700

Re6tense Mask                   700

At Diana Stalder there is no need for you to wash your face because they'll be the one to do it with dirt removing cream and that’s going to remove all the dust and dirt. So it’s so relaxing.

Plus you will not have a single therapist but more than two so the treatment is fast yet effective.

However, the most painful part is pricking because it has a strong pressure and that’s going to remove all your black and white heads including pimples which are about to grow.

Normally clients do experience pain when they get pricked.


The common problems for men is having an oily skin so it is recommended to get a facial treatment every 2 weeks.

Together with beauty bloggers Ning and Lariza, I had a great time at the Diana Stalder Ayala Ave. branch. It gave an additional confidence for us to face other people. Oh yeah!

Also try Diana’s Diamond Peel, it’s their best seling services.

Visit their website: www.dianastalder.com

Like their page: facebook.com/dianastalderbydermaline

Follow on Twitter: diana_stalder

Hotline: 631-4941  892-5659

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