So What is Vegan Macrobiotics?

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What is Vegan Macrobiotics? *a re-post from their Facebook fanpage, just want to share this

Macrobiotics is not a novelty or fad diet created in the 20th century. It is part of the “slow food” movement wherein health benefits occur naturally due to the proper balance of nutrients and energies in food.

For a nutritionally balanced vegan meal, the macrobiotic diet consists of a combination of ingredients which includes whole grains, vegetables, beans & seaweed, as well as seeds & nuts.

The variety and combination of ingredients used in a vegan macrobiotic meal provides all the essential nutrients required to maintain and even improve one’s health.

A macrobiotic meal consists of natural ingredients and when available, organically grown fruits and vegetables. Artificial flavors, chemical additives, preservatives, and highly processed food are not used.

Preservation of food is done naturally through pickling and fermentation.

As a vegan diet, dairy, eggs and other animal-based food products are not used. Only natural and unrefined grain, vegetable and fruit based sugars that have low glycemic index are are used.


> Cancer prevention
> Balances blood pressure
> Keeps bad cholesterol in check
> Maintains cardio-vascular health
> Maintains healthy blood sugar levels
> Disease prevention
> Anti-aging
> Slimming
> Radiant complexion



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