being a vegetarian does not make you gay

If you think being vegetarian makes you gay, then you're wrong. A gay person is weak, but vegetables makes you a stronger person. So it does not make a guy become less of a man.

When you're eating vegetables, the stronger you become. The word "Strong" is meant for men.

If you're gay and weak, the more you are prone to stroke and perhaps other cardiovascular diseases. If you eat too much meat you become weaker.

But if you eat a lot of vegetables, then you become stronger.

Whatever makes you stronger, the more it makes you more men.

So are you man enough? Eat your veggies now!


milrose (Hobbies and Everything) said...

Your one of my Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs.
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carlo said...

Thank you so much Milrose. I really appreciate your vote. Stay Healthy

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