What causes an Erectile Dysfunction?

Women outlived men by 5 to 10 years. Do you want our Men to be dying young? Of course not!

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The Mens Health Society was recently launched in the country in response to the current trend in Medicine for Men's preventive care. This also refers to measures taken to prevent male related disease as well as curing them or treating the symptoms.

The culture in medicine care has become a disease care, doctors will care for a patient when they already have a disease. It is better if doctors will actually care for us even before we get sick. And that's the real definition of healthcare. Doctors actually caring for patient and making sure that their health not their disease is taken care of.

Doctors should be trained to ask questioons and make you feel comfortable, questioins like

  • How often do you exercise?

  • What kind of diet do you have?

  • What are your sexual practices?

This is why Mens Health Society was formed spearheaded by Dr. Quincy Raya of Asian Institue of Longevity Medicine.

Women's health has always been well taken care of because when women get pregnant Doctors make sure that they are free of disease and ready to give the baby get into the work.

Now men has been neglected, specially that men has this macho image that if they have a weakness, disease and they have sexual dysfunction it is not easy for them to admit this.


The Asian Institute of Longevity Medicine, represented by Dr. Quincy Raya is currently spearheading the establishment of the men's health concerns. Anually, June is the International Men's Health Month while International Men's Health Week will be on June 13-19 2011, leading to Father's Day. This celebration carries the purpose of improving health outcomes and greater life expectancy in men, providing better access to care for men and facilitating the particiaption of men in their preventive healthcare and improve quality of life.

There are some important points Dr. Quincy Raya shared to us during the presscon:

As doctors We need to make men comfortable enough to tell them about their weakness and disease. The problem sometimes is we are afraid to tell to doctors because they are unfriendly, they're quiet judgemental and sometimes they just give pill for every ill.

Influence Government Policies

I know its challenging thing to do. But if it was done in Singapore I hope we can also do that here. We are coordinating male dominated groups, stakeholders, Asian Institute of Longevity and government bodies.


Some issues tackled during the presscon

Is it awkward if a doctor is a girl?

I think as a doctor you should know what questions to ask, and need to make them comfortable telling about your weaknesses and erectile dysfunction.

Circumcision issues

Some say that with good and proper hygiene you don't need to get circumsion but study states that when you get a circumsion there is a lesser risk you get Sexaully Transmitted Diseases and UTI.

What causes an Erectile Dysfunction?

Poor Lifestyle such as smoking, poor diet and a sedentary lifetstyle meaning you don't get exercise.

So one of our aim is to encourage men to have a healthy lifestyle for themselves and for their family.

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