How Yoga Practice Can Benefit Runners

The benefits of Yoga as exercise :

  • Gives you good breathing habit

  • Takes away medical problems

  • Helps in menopausal period

  • Gives you regular menstrual period

  • Improves the inner and outer body organs

  • Develops and balances good mental health

Yoga and running both requires practice, agility, flexibility and patience. Paulo Leonido , teacher of Yoga for Life notes "It gives you more mobility and endurance specially the pace when you're breathing".

Just like any sport, Yoga can enhance your body ang gets you conditioned for any physical activity.

I recently attended his class and learned some points in doing Yoga exercise.


Yoga maximizes breathing

In Yoga, you control your breathe. And you can use that control when you are into a run in order to achieve your distance goal. A good breathing practice gives you more energy, and that results a longer stamina when your run.

It gives you more sense of direction mentally and physically. It also utilizes all the body muscles and that makes a runner stronger.

It prevents injury because you develop flexibility. You run better when you're flexible, that's why runners do stretch before running.

It's good when you practice yoga before you get into any sport.


Yoga and Vegetarianism

Just a reminder, before you practice allow least 2 hours after eating a meal.

If you practice Yoga, you become aware not just to yourself but also to your environment, vegetarianism has that same goal - non violence.

The food that you eat also affects what you practice. Yoga develops your discipline that's why it helps a lot when you are into a diet which aims loosing weight.

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