Please Vote Veggiecircle for Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs

Hi friends,

Good day! Hope you can include to your list of Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011.

I just bought this domain last July 2010 because I wanted to make a new blog which is

I imported my old posts from

only for repository purposes but blog actually started July 2010.

The archives that I deleted here in were originally from and I am no longer updating that.

I started  a new blog since July 2010. * is NOT a "continuation" of my old blog.

So since it has started just last year. I hope that you can include this to your list.

Anyway I am still looking for  3 more blogs to nominate? You can share your blog by leaving a comment and hopefully include to my list.

Thank you and Stay Healthy!

Carl Valenzona




Mark said...

Hi there! My name is Mark, blogger from SLEEK IN THE Hope you can check out my blog. I'm already including you to my list because I'm a fan of vegetarian eating. :)

Good luck! :)

Liezl said...

Is your top 10 complete? I hope you can check my informative blog. Comments are really appreciated, too! Thanks!

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