Simple Tips for a Healthier Weekend

I work hard on weekdays. So I must reward myself on weekends. This is how I do it.
1. Fun run
Finished 10K run on Saturday. It was slowly but surely...enjoying the very good weather.
2. Cook simple vegetable dish
Simple sauteed string beans and minced potatoes. A good source of Potassium and Vitamin C
3. Swimming
Did a 1000 meters of swim on Sunday. A good way to improve cardiovascular fitness with less injuries. If you're asthmatic like me, it's a good therapy.

4. Soft gym workout
It does not need to be a hard core program. Just a few minutes of toning muscles. A simple one will do.
5. Cleaning a room
It's a cool exercise plus you get a great fulfillment. A must try!

Other activities that I do on weekends:

  • Yoga
  • Getting a massage
  • Watching Movies
  • Sunday Mass

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