Yoga Pilates at Options Studio Day 1

(Thank you Diadora for my jersey)

I have never thought that I would still need to do Yoga Pilates because I am already doing Vinyasa and Yin Yoga as an alternative exercise when I'm not into running.

But when I tried doing Pilates at Options Studio in RCBC I said to myself:

"Mukhang masarap din itong gawin pang balance sa running"

 Because I noticed that my hips becomes stiff due to running and biking and I need a serious stretch that will stop this. So that I will be also become lees prone to injury.

During my Day 1 I answered an assessement form to my Yoga instructor and from there she gave me a program to do.

She hated me because I mentioned there that one of my goal is to gain weight.

Here's a summary of that:

My Yoga Instructor: Joella Bustamante

The assessment:

What are your exercise?

Running, Yoga, Gym

What is your goal?

To gain weight

....flexiblity and toned muscles

What is your medicinal background?

Very mild asthma

First time to do Pilates?


I did a lot of poses which focuses on the hips, harmstrings and core.

After the one hour session I felt so stretchable, It was really a great feeling. Ang sarap na di ko ma explain.

Para kang nga therapy

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