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I must admit that I was not interested at doing Pilates at first because for me it was an exercise mostly done by girls.
But since there is no harm in trying I decided later on to also try it because I think it's cool. So there, I tried it for five sessions and I am greatly satisfied with the results.
I undergone a private class at OptionsStudio RCBC in Makati with certified Pilates instructor Joella Bustamante, she is a sister of my friend JR Bustamante who suggested me to try this out.
I never thought I'd discover many important information about my body's behavior and how it is going to react on a certain movement.
For example if I'd step on Bosu. I'm gonna fall if I'm not going to balance. For me to be able to balance I must contract my abs and thigh muscles to gain a better stability. The more I practice this the more I become aware of how I maximize my movements in every activity that I do. More awareness easily distinguishes what body part to use.

It's hard at first but it becomes easy later on.
So here's what I did in one of my sessions. I showed photos of the following equipment and exercise to better explain how it is being done. The exercise usually last for an hour and I am really sweating a lot after. It's really good for burning fats.
Equipment 1. Bosu 2. Reformer, Long Box 3. Cadillac 4. Jungle Sports or Suspend
Exercise 1. Squats on the bosu, balances, Tree pose 2. Feet on straps on Suspend 3. Back rowing preps, airplane 4. Mermaid on the Cadillac 5. Suspended ab curl
Targeted muscles: Warming up joints, inner thighs at the same time Third layer muscles pelvic floor Back muscles to pull up, open up the chest Triceps Extension, belly on the long-box Plough and airplane Long box feet pulling straps single line

Reformer, Long Box for Back muscles to pull up, open up the chest and Triceps
Mermaid on the Cadillac

Suspended ab curl
I have the privilege to complete a package of Pilates session at the OptionsStudio RCBC in Makati City under the class of certified instructor Ms. Joella Bustamante. I asked a few questions I would like to know about this Exercise.
Is there a need for a Doctor's consent when doing Pilates?
When doing Pilates, If you have injuries you have to make sure your doctor says you are safe to pursue a Pilates class.
Otherwise we can modify the exercises for you that's why we need to know if you have any injuries.
What should I tell my instructor if I am a newbie?
For first timers you need to be honest to your instructor tell that "I'm a first timer I've never done this"
And if you feel any pain you have to say it right away. There has to be constant communication before and during the exercise.
Pilates is not only for beginners. How about athletic people?
There's a challenging approach for athletes. We will start on targeting muscles one muscle at a time and then I will modify.
Obviously if you do Yoga or running you're into an athletic level na. So we give more challenging exercise.
Unless they say they have injuries that's when we target muscles.
How about those people who does not exercise at all and wanted to try Pilates?
For those naman who does not have any exercise in their life medyo mas mabait ang approach.
What is Pilates' role to our bones?
Not to bones but it's related to Skeletal.
Let's say you go to a chiropractor kasi he will align your bones para maging derecho sya. What we can work on is on the muscles which holds the bone. SO you can lessen your visits to your chiropractor.
Pero pag mga scoliosis na case wala na kaming magagawa. But we can modify the exercise for them.
Is Pilates a Foundation for all types of sport?
Example Tennis, Soccer or Golf
When you do rotation movement, if you're beginner you will use your arms right?
So we are getting you aware of what are the muscles should be involved in a swing (rotation Movement)
Weather in Tennis, Basketball or whatever sports what you involve in are the muscles.
Same goes with Yoga. you have to be aware of what muscles are working in each pose to benefit more on the poses.
Effects? and how long will it last?
Lifetime, kasi once you know how to use your pelv floor you will find it easier. that's why I say its foundation...its life changing!
Why Pilates is Expensive?
That's why we are expensive because what we are imparting is knowledge on how your body is working, it's getting awareness, its educating people how to use your body...safely!
Experience is the best teacher
Learning Pilates is not achievable by just watching videos or researching how to do it, it's really the personal experience of doing it.
Iba yung one-on-one training, where the instructor sees how you are doing it.
For Faster results make it 2-3x a week while for maintenance once a week is enough.
For beginners it is recommended that they do it more often so they can see faster development. Sayang yung pera nila kung once a week lang.
You wont know until you try it yourself! Sign up and come in for a trial.
It's hard to explain kung anong ginagawa namin, kahit i-explian ko ng i-explain hindi nya pa rin ma a appreciate. One must try it!
OptionsStudio is at RCBC Plaza (15th Floor Tower 2) on Ayala Avenue, Powerplant Mall (Level R2), Rockwell Center, Makati City and Podium Mall in Ortigas. Soon to have in The Fort area.
Visit their website:
I am satisfied with the results. I may not gained weight (my goal) but I became physically strong. I learned how to contract my abs now and when is the right time I should be aware of doing it. I am going to apply my new knowledge to the existing exercises that I do such as Yoga, Swimming and Running to avoid injuries.


Gab said...

Thanks for sharing your tips regarding Options Studio. Wishing someday i can try doing Yoga Pilates.

Franc Ramon said...

Pilates can really help build a stronger core, which makes you unbreakable in other sports.

dimaks said...

Options Studio looks like a way to go. I am mostly interested with that suspended ab curl thing.

Shie said...

I hope I can do this coz I really need to be flexible and develop a stronger inner core.

Kim Nieves said...

wow, I would love to train there to develop my flexibility! ♥

Fervil Tripoli said...

Options Studio is definitely the best place for Pilates. Going into a gym doesn't really mean building bulks, it also means getting healthy :D

petroleumjelly said...

i have friends who enjoy yoga. i will certainly recommend this studio to them;)it is good to know that there are bloggers who are into this, more healthy topics blogs from you sir.~!

Christian Melanie Lee said...

Is it okay if I have severe backache when doing a Pilates? Hope I have enough time doing this thing...interesting.

Manette said...

Pilates is a good sport. My niece who grew up doing gymnastics is also into Pilates and yoga.

Rochkirstin Santos said...

Whoa I didn't know that Pilates requires the presence of a doctor. I thought you can just imitate the movements from a video just like simple aerobic exercises.

Thirdy Lopez said...

Ansakit sa abs ng pilates...

Pero magandang approach siya as you get to learn the basics of your body...

Mahal nga lang!

vee fernandez said...

Wow! Before I got pregnant with my first born, I was thinking of attending pilates but then again, my little angel, I still want it..kaso...hmmm...expensive..hehe

sherlane said...

Thanks for the tips. I hope someday I can also try Pilates i Options Studio

Genzel Kisses said...

Ohh I've been wanting to try this too. I think there's also an app for this will check it. This post encouraged me more to try this out. Thanks!

Angie Vianzon said...

I'v e been wanting to try Pilates for a long time and at first akala ko madali pero by reading your experience its tougher than how it looks.

I think I am going to give this one a try and maybe sign up for a trial.

Carl OptionsStudio said...

I appreciate all of your comments guys! I promise to create another healthy living post. Cheers! - Carl V

Pink MagaLine said...

I am itching to go back into shape. Things like this are just inspirational. One shouldn't have any excuse when it comes to staying fit, right? :)

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