Love those Burgers at the Ministry of Mushrooms

During my visit at Sunday Legazpi Market inside Makati Street Market, I've found interesting vegetarian stuffs from the Ministry of Mushrooms.

Ministry of Mushrooms is a group of mushroom growers composed of Marco Lobregat, Jose Javier Ortoll and Victor Sala who are passionate about mushrooms and mycological solutions.

If you've seen the latest TV commercial of SUN cellular that's young entrepreneur Marco Lobregat.
For mushroom lovers out there they've got cool mushroom burgers you'll surely love:
  • Classic Mushroom Burger - 95 Php

  • Mushroom Burger with Cheese - 100 Php

  • Mushroom Chilli con Burger - 150 Php

  • Mushroom with Egg and pesto - 130 Php

They also sell mushroom products such as:
  • Dried Oyster Mushroom 75 Php/40 g

  • Musroom Risotto 300 Php/pack
And if you want to grow mushrooms in your house you can buy a mushroom kit for for only 175 Php/bag

Ministry of Mushroom's advocacy is to build a successful and sustainable mushroom industry in the Philippines.

Catch them every Sundays at Sunday Legazpi Market inside Makati Street Market.

For more information visit their website:

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Marco Lobregat said...

Thank you Veggie Circle! I look forward to seeing you all at the market! Peace, love harmony and mushrooms.

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