why people go vegetarian

There are four general reasons why people go vegetarian.

1. Health , those people who would like to become slim.

2. Environment, it’s a fact that being vegetarian is the best way to contribute to Mother Earth.

3. Ethics/Morals , there are people who acknowledge that animals also feel the same way, just like you and I , they don’t want to get hurt.

They feel pain.

4. Religion, some are obliged because meat eating is not allowed in their religion.

Tips on how to succeed in becoming vegetarian.

1. Have a strong determination

2. Some people tend to give up becoming vegetarian because they are not determined.

3. It takes months, years to become vegetarian, so don’t rush. Take it real slow.

4. Survival 101, a friend of mine started going vegetarian when he was in a military academy. His diet? : Rice, Toyo, Peanuts, Dingdong, Nesvita.

5. Most people are allergic to Eggs and Seafoods, shifting to plant based diet is a better choice.

Eat your veggies everyday!


dan said...

i just bought a book on vegetarian recipes. the foods really look delicious and at a first glance you would never say it's meatless.

if i will go veggie it would probably be for reason #1

carlo said...

It's also Yummy!


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