Photos at Quantum Cafe, A Vegetarian Friendly Restaurant

Quantum Cafe

FERON Bldg., 9590 Kamagong corner Bagtikan Street
Makati City

(02) 519 0757

Operating Hours: Monday - Friday 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Mode of Payment: CASH

Best Sellers :

Veggie Meat Adobo Flakes(Vegan) served with rice and atchara. 220 Php

Quantum Burger (Vegan) pattie is made of banana heart. 150 Php

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Kare-Kare(Vegan) served with rice and sinantolan. 220 PhpQuantum Cafe specializes in serving a Vegan Kare-Kare which has a very interesting kind of bagoong called sinantolan. It is made out of santol with taste and texture of true bagoong.

Malunggay Pesto(Vegan) 220 PhpThey serve malunggay based noodles and sauce. Aside from it's vegan it's also organic.

Red Pesto (Vegan) 220 Php

They serve carrot based pasta with sun-dried tomato herbs, it is organic as well.


Full Shroom Pizza (Lacto Vegetarian) 190 Php

It's their own made dough made from wheat

A pizza topped with locally grown oyster mushrooms and 2 cheese on a whole wheat. 2 cheese includes kesong puti and mozzarella.


Quantum Iced Tea 70 Php

A custom made drink brewing the green tea before serving.


BUFFET : 250

Every Thursday and Friday 12- 2 pm and 7-9 pm

*At least five customers must reserve to avail

It includes soup, 2 -3 main dishes.


My Experience:

I got the chance to taste their pizza, pumpkin soup and salad.

The pizza experience was memorable to me, I became interested to taste their pizza because it was not included on their menu. They offer Full Shroom Pizza to customers who wants to try a vegetarian pizza. But since it is topped with 2 cheese it can't be served to vegans.

The usual mushrooms that I get from pizzas are the button mushrooms, in this pizza it was the different breed. I observed that when you eat this kind of mushroom on a dough made of wheat then it becomes a perfect combination.

However two cheese is too much for me. I think I can only tolerate a single type of cheese on my pizza. Plus the dough is too thin for the 2 cheese, In a slice It was like I'm eating more cheese that the dough.


For the pumpkin soup and salad, I think I can finish upto 5-8 servings of these due to it's great taste.



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