Angelica Panganiban confesses her struggle with weight

Angelica Panganiban's life is no secret to the public eye, she was a chubby child actress turned alluring hotbabe.

Her personal life has also become public property. On top of her personal relationships, the public was also a witness to her struggle with weight. From shedding off her baby fats to gaining a few pounds again then losing it and finally, maintaining a body that's just perfect for her. She ended her eating of rice and other carbs for seven years now.

But now she confesses that she has restored her relationship with her all-time favorite rice and pasta dishes. "Because of CarbTrim , I am able to enjoy eating while managing my weight" Angelica gracefully shared during the launch of the newest Iced Tea Mix from Unilab - CarbTrim.


What is CarbTrim?

The first carb-blocking beverage in iced tea format. It contains Phase 2 White Kidney Bean Extract, an all-natural, effective ingredient that blocks the absorption of carbs in the body. CarbTrim is available in Apple and Lemon flavors, retailing at P144 per box of 6 sachets and P24 per sachet.

It is available in major supermarkets and drugstores nationwide. Watch out for the Angelica Panganiban's TVC on July 13.


So how does it work?

By preventing the alpha-amylase enzymes in our body system from breaking down carbohydrates from starchy food (e.g. rice, bread, pasta) into sugar. it reduces the glycemic index and caloric impact from food; minimizing the conversion of starch-to-sugar-to-fat and thus helps in reducing body weight, fat mass and waist and thigh circumference.


What happens to the blocked carbohydrates?

CarbTrim turns blocked carbohydrates into long-chain fiber. Since the human body does not absorb fiber, it just passes through our digestive system and comes out as waste.


The Side effect?

Contains Phase 2 white kidney bean which is accredited by the US FDA as generally regarded as safe. The only effect is that you might notice an increase volume of your waste discharge. This is due to the blocked carbs turned into fiber that helps the body excrete more waste. According to the Scranton Study, CarbTrim works within 60 minutes of intake.



Should be taken before or during meals. Since it's in a beverage format, the active ingredient. Phase 2 white kidney bean extract, works by blocking immediately the carbs taken in. You can drink with every meal with moderate to heavy carbs and can be taken multiple times.


maybeth baldoza said...

is carb trim iced teas good for diabetic with kidney problem

carlo said...


kara said...

is carbtrim good for breastfeeding mom?

carlo said...

No idea kara.

Joann said...

What about those lactating mommies who want to lose weight can do they also drink this??? Why we dont have assurance if we can also take this or not.....please reply

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