My real life broom misery

I use broom or walis tambo when cleaning household chores. Cleaning is a nice exercise and I am always pleased when I clean the house. But not with a broom, when I'm almost done cleaning, most of the time the dirt comes back over and over again.

Okay fine. I will use a dust pan to keep the dirt away from coming back. But is it enough when you have a dust pan? Still not, because you still cannot pick the smallest particle of dust. I wish I had a vacuum cleaner instead so that it can pick up those tiny particles.

Picking those tiny dust particles is the most annoying thing.
And the most hard to reach areas are in between sofa cushions and car seats. Sadly, I have no choice because I really need to clean those areas. This becomes my real life broom misery.

I am so tired of busting my back while cleaning our house, I feel so doomed with the broom!
I need change! I want to start the Doom of the Broom! I need Help!


Renz said...

I hope you get help soon, poor back!

carlo said...

Thank you for the comment

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