Are you Broken Hearted?

It takes long to heal a broken heart, but there are studies that art can be an outlet or tool for fixing it. It's hard when your heart is aching, you job, your hobbies or even your friends doesn't give you joy anymore.

I noticed that some of the great songs of famous artists were inspired by their love stories, and most them were about heartaches, yes it's true that great love songs came from an idea of an artist's broken heart.

I think this also applies to art. When your heart is aching and you feel like drawing, then by all means go ahead. You can have your pen and paper and express what you feel into it.

You can easily move on when you divert things you can't accept into something that you do appreciate. Because you know that when you give your best to it you'll learn to see things you love. And that is something that will never break your heart anymore.

So Love your Art and Learn to Move On.

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