Levels of Vegetarian

Alright, vegetarians don't eat meat.
So what don't they eat ASIDE from meat?
What doesn't a vegan eat that a lacto-veg would still eat?

This is the most strict among the vegetarian diets.Veganism is a diet and lifestyle that seeks to exclude the use of animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose.
They don`t take honey,dairy and don't wear clothes that has animal products.
They would rather be naked than wear fur. They take Soymilk as alternative.

They would still take dairy products. So this means they can eat cheese, margarine, butter, milk products.

They would still take dairy products and eggs.

They are not really considered as vegetarians because they would still eat seafoods and sometimes chicken. Real vegatarians don't eat animals at all.


Rob said...

I've often wondered if strict vegans eat yogurt or sourdough - both products fermented and created using helpful living microorganisms? By ingesting yogurt, some of this cultured micro-organism life can survive in the gut, but a lot of it is destroyed by digestive juices. Isn't that killing a living organism?

rhea manuel said...

no, vegans do not consume yogurt for the reason that it is dairy. sourdough has lactic acid which is usually from animal secretion of some sort. strict vegans would be always wary of eating products with "suspicious" origins and processes.


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