With the absence of cholesterol, fats, and other toxins from animal meat, and cruelty and evil in slaughtering animals, vegetarian food is truly delicious, healthy, kind, and environment-friendly. And there is a vegetarian restaurant which has pushed these good karmas further.

Located in the Llanar Bldg along Xavierville Avenue in Quezon City, Blissful Belly boasts of popular local dishes made vegetarian, cooked with less oil and salt and made with commercial pesticide-free ingredients. Its owner, Dr. Omar Arabia, is a licensed oncologist who practices integrative medicine – the marriage of traditional, naturopathy and homeopathic treatments. The food served in his restaurant is practically medically supervised. His patients, as well as vegetarians and raw and organic food consumers, compose the regular customers.

Regular viands on the menu are kare-kare, kaldereta, togue, curry, soups, and the famous (and addicting) tofu sisig, complemented with organic brown rice, for only P80-P100 per meal. There are also fresh fruit shakes and juices, the most popular and healthiest of which is the lettuce-apple juice, and sugar cane juice (I remember my childhood days when I used to chomp on real tubo and squeeze all the juice out). Desserts served include cakes (carrot, prune and carob – or chocolate-like flavor) and eggless and dairy-free pastries. Other organic products are also on sale – baking needs, wheat germ, Bragg’s products, teas, even toothpaste and hair dyes.

I’ve been to almost all the veggie places in the city, and enjoyed all of them definitely, and Blissful Belly remains my favorite. It is only Blissful Belly food which I can describe as truly “bursting with flavor.” The food tastes alive, and it gives one the sense of experiencing the fruits of the earth at their rawest and truest flavors – pure and unadulterated essences. Your belly will be truly blissful!

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