I used to be a meat eater. Burgers, meaty pizzas, chicken nuggets, Crispy chickens, Steaks, bacons, hams, hotdogs, roasted beef.. hah! name it! It's like everything on my system's filled with meat! But not until I realized how cruel people does to these animals just to give meat eaters like me the most tastiest dinner.
One night my cute jap friend and i had a little chat. . I told her that I really envy her slim body and so I asked her how she's able to maintain her weight.. she said "well, i dont know, maybe because i dont eat meat at all" .. a vegan.
At first I was like "oh okay., so if i want to lose some weight, all i have to do is to stop eating meat? meeaaaat??! but why? i cant even resist the smell of burrrrning meat. MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAAAT!!"
.. Not until i saw this link . .

Dude I'm telling you the moment I saw that thing I can't even stand the smell
of it burning.
Yes I no longer eat meat, and losing weight is not my reason anymore.
It is just so wrong. I mean if you've just spent like 12 minutes of your precious
time following the link i gave you rather than just wonderin why you even
bother reading this crap then by now you'll probably know what i am talking

Its just sad how some people sometimes don't care about anything but themselves.. They dont care how many bunnies, dogs, cats die for fur..
How chickens suffer for a bucket meal..
How cows are killed for leather.
How animals are taken from their homes for entertainment.
How mommy moos are raped for dairy.
Well .. we're all guilty of it. Im not doing this to convince you. I didnt even ask you to read.
All I want is for you to be aware.

I am.

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