What`s vegetarian in Le Bistro Vert

          In the heart of Makati , not far across Valero lies a great place which caters food which has vegetarian options, I wish every restaurant would do. But nothing beats sustainable foods at Le Bistro Vert when it comes to healthy living. Sustainable food is the way of sourcing most of the ingredients from local farmers and producers, community groups, small organic farms or those which do not use any chemicals that are toxic to the environment.

Here are some photos:

                Like Kape Isla Philippine coffee, which main ingredients are composed of coffee beans sourced from our own local farmers. It represents quality Philippine coffee. If you want to experience this try "Have a free cup of Kape Isla sustainable coffee at Le Bistro Vert" until March 31. To avail of the free coffee offer, the code "KapeIsla164" must be mentioned. This offer is only valid at Le Bistro Vert, Fraser Place, Valero Street, Makati City.

                   And this trend is the latest culture when you are into healthy lifestyle, which we all should practice. It is not all about eating organic of food, it is not vegetarianism, it is the aim to support earth-friendly initiatives and help sustain local farmers. It is adopting the green lifestyle out of love for food, and Le Bistro Vert is the place to be. It is located in the heart of Makati specifically at the Streetside, Fraser Place Tower, Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City. Also check their interiors it is well designed, has calming aura and perfect for health awareness. This awareness is ideal to all of us which I all learned from Chit Juan, one of the ECHOstore Sustainable Lifestyle pioneers, she has a lot of food trivia tips, and when she`s around you`ll be fascinated when she tells you how does she consumes food, She also shared about the importance of ECHOstore Body Basics as part of the lifestyle. These are natural personal care products that contains no harmful chemicals. ECHO is the acronym for Environment & Community Hope Organization. By patronizing ECHO products you are helping local community groups and the environment as well. This is a practice of nurturing the self, the community, and the planet, a combination of different advocacy in one Eco friendly store.

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