Vegatarian Bowl

In Robinsons Galleria's food court there is a vegetarian-friendly food-chain that I know it's the Mongolian Quickstop. My favorite is their Vegetarian bowl. It consists of rice, tofu, togue, and other vegetables for a reasonable price of 90+ Php. Hmmm not bad. And It`s nice to pair it with fruit magic Green Mango shake.
It tastes different, not the common pinoy taste because it's a little sweet and spicy.
Well, you can choose your own since there's a variety of choices. This is just their default sauce.

What's so good about this place?
You can make your own style of food because they have all the ingredients to spices to sauces which are ready to cook. All you have to do is choose from any and they will cook it for you!

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