Halo Organic Store and Cafe

As I walk in the valley of the shadow of Cubao Expo I discovered another vegetarian restaurant in the Philippines.

I dropped by at Halo, first veg thing that comes into my mind when I`m in Cubao.

I know they`ve got pesto but I was there for the Malunggay Pasta aside from the reason that I`m a pasta lover.

well I ordered Pesto instead since they`ve got no Malunggay Pasta that time.

And paired it with the Tarragon Tea Shake

So what is Tarragon?

An old French remedy for insomnia and hyperactivity that's been tried with pretty good success is tarragon tea .Tarragon is an herb, which has a flavor that resembles licorice.

I`ve been in Halo number of times that`s why I`ve already tasted some of their specialty.

I recommend Halo Organic Store and Cafe for Veg and Vegan coz  they`ve got really nice food for us. Just be patient they only have 2 crews.

for more info visit their multiply. http://haloproducts.multiply.com

here are the best Veg Pasta of Halo

Pastas (additional 40 PHP per dish for whole wheat pasta)

Creamy Mushroom 85 PHP

Tomatoes and Olives 85 PHP organic tomatoes and basil, pitted olives (not organic but all natural)

Pesto 85 PHP basil leaves organically grown from Cavite, coconut oil, garlic

Spanish Sardines 85 PHP bottled

Malunggay (Moringga) 85 PHP home grown malunggay fresh from our backyard, coconut oil, garlic

Chicken Rendang Pasta 85 PHP

Tuna Pastel Pasta 85 PHP

Halo Special Pasta 110 PHP Malunggay veggie noodles cooked in tomatoes & malunggay sauce with chicken and tuna

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