VRP, A New Year for Health

With the fiery new year comes new changes, VRP Medical Center embarks on a major
renovation plan for its people ­­ stakeholders, doctors, and patients alike. Since its renovations
earlier last year, VRP focuses on a more customer­ oriented approach. A family­ based
corporation never distracted from its vision: “A Hospital That Cares,” VRP opens its hearts to
developing and improving quality service, technological advancement, and a warm, calming

Doors open to a fresh Central Registration Area, a well­crafted mural to greet the children and
families, and a spacious waiting area for visitors and friends. From a 148 square meter room,
the Emergency Room will be extending to 224 square meters to accommodate patients and
those waiting in line. VRP sets into motion an additional 48 rooms to shelter its current 178 bed
Focusing on comfort, modernity, and care, VRP continually strives to improve their wide array of
facilities in order to better serve the people.

The hospital launched their new Nuclear Medicine Department last October 2015 under the guide and eye of Dr. Jeanelle Margareth Tang, an immigrant from Canada who decides to come home to the Philippines and finish a training course, with hopes to set up a practice in Nuclear Medicine. In partnership with Mandaluyong Medical Services Inc. (MNMSI), VRP already has a solid support right from the start ­­ from its supplier, Intermedical SE, to its doctors, partners and stockholders.

The rise of the Nuclear Medical Department brings forth new services for its patients such as thyroid function tests, general nuclear imaging, bone scans, reflux studies, GFR and radionuclide therapy. It also boasts a new set of high­quality equipment like the Multicam 1000, a camera that provides
hi­res solution and better imaging under medical procedures, and the Berthold Multicrystal
LB2111 Gamma Counter.

Dramatic change is everywhere, both inside and out. With an idea of a holistic healing, the roof deck will be converted into an intimate chapel for those in search of spiritual guidance.

Additional offices, departments, and a Physician Center is also in the works.

The facade will also undergo a major contemporary aesthetic change which could reflect beauty and care of VRP.

With its fresh, newly minted facility and developed professional care, patients could only expect more from the newly improved VRP Medical Center. As a family and as a community, VRP
welcomes the year right.

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