Hot Bed Yoga

Experiencing bad traffic during the Edsa day would really cause too much stress. 

Thank God there's no traffic in Luneta area, the travel going here was not stressful.

Since yoga is a great form of stress reliever I tried one of the hottest yoga in town - the 'hot bed yoga' in Zenyu Eco Spa located at the 3rd level of Hotel H2O, Manila Ocean Park in Luneta. Zenyu is a japanese word which means 'healing'.

Every part of Hotel H20 is equipped with negative ions and they are good in improving blood circulation, detox and system cleanse.

Since I am very used to Vinyasa and Ashtanga, I became interested trying this hot kind of yoga.

Just like in Bikram, you will be staying a very hot room and will practice yoga exercise. 

While having a good time at Zenyu, Operations Manager Dr. Eric Tan educated us about the two kinds of ions- positive and negative.

There are positive effects of getting negative ions, like doing the hot bed yoga.

And the good benefits are:

Inside the hot bed room we were sweating a lot, it's a good way of flushing toxins from the skin.

In this heated room, you will be able to stretch more.

Working in a warmed room additionally lifts the heart rate, which makes the body work harder.

Working in heat helps the body and mind relax, it also .

Since it improves breathing it's a good exercise for people with Asthma like me.

It develops a better mental focus.

Again since it is equipped with negative ions, you would not be infected with bad bacterias.

During our visit we were also treated a full body massage, Fish Spa, Tai Chi products and a sumptuous dinner at Makan Makan.

Hot Bed Yoga is so Hot! Special thanks to Orange Magazine TV and Dr. Eric Tan for the great experience.

For more information, call 238-6190 or e-mail

Check out their site

Playing my feet at the Fish Spa

Zenyu Eco Spa located at the 3rd level of Hotel H2O, Manila Ocean Park.

Hotel H20 is equipped with negative ions.

A very relaxing place.

There's a gym inside where you can warm -up your body.

Experience complete healing and feel rejuvinated at Zenyu Eco Spa in #HotelH20 - the only negative ion hotel in the world! For inquiries, please call +632 2386190. 

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