I Work Hard...Play Harder

I really love my job. That’s why I work hard on weekdays.
From Monday to Friday, it’s grind time. But I’m not a machine, I’m human. So on weekdays, that’s the time I relax and unwind. I live for those 48 hours of playing hard. In fact last weekend, I made the most of those two days. Here’s how I spent those precious 48 hours.
Last Saturday morning, I woke up and went straight to Forbeswood Heights swimming pool. I did a couple of laps on the water to improve my cardiovascular strength. After finishing the last lap with butterfly strokes, I got off the pool, showered and went back home. At home I had a power breakfast and rested to prepare myself for a yoga session in the afternoon.
In the afternoon, I drove to the Options Studio for Yoga Pilates sessions. Options Studio in RCBC is definitely a place to relax and revitalize. It’s the best place to do yoga. The place is a sanitary heaven and the people there are nice and friendly. So after an hour set of Pilates exercise with Teacher Joella Bustamante, I felt rejuvenated and perhaps even stronger.

“Who’s up for some clubbing tonight?” I sent that as a group message. Saturday night means gimmick night. So I asked my buddies if they are available. A lot of them crave for some Saturday night fun. Thanks to Globe’s affordable promos, I’m able to communicate to all of them. So we end up meeting and watching the latest movie in town.
Despite of partying hard that night, I was still excited for Sunday morning. I’m excited because I want to test my new Diadora running shoes on the road. These running shoes are lightweight, durable and fashionable and affordable. It’s really a great buy. So after I went off my bed, I immediately laced up, put on my earphones and ran like Forrest Gump.
That intense running removed all the stress from my body. When I reached home, I ate, rested and showered because I’m treating myself a good massage in the afternoon. Afternoon came and I drove straight to my favourite spa. This time I didn’t go for their special. Instead, I picked the standard massage. Lucky me, the standard massage felt special because the attendant is beautiful and friendly.
At night, I spent time with my family and slept early to prepare for another Monday.
Lots of people wonder how I squeeze all those activities in the span of 48 hours. The reason is I put grass inside my system. Not that kind of grass that goats eat. Instead it’s Wheatgrass in a can.
As a vegetarian, I strive to go green on my meals as much as possible. However, veggies aren’t always available so I go for Wheatgrass in a can. It contains nutrients that keep your health in top form and your body in great shape.
As a crusader of healthy lifestyle, I treat my body like a temple and I encourage everyone to do the same. Being a health conscious workaholic led me to success. I reached success because I work hard and play harder.

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