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Quite a few times that I've visited Allura Body Contour and Slimming Center seeing the bikini body of Cristine Reyes in their ad. At last I got the chance to experience some of their treatment. The same treatment Cristine had, when she did the box office movie No Other Woman.

During my visit at Allura I realized two things. The importance of having good health and the importance of religiously doing it.

Maintaining an appropriate weight for your body is important specially at young age. "You don't need to wait aging before you start caring for your body" Miss Mari(Allura) advises.

This is not a secret but proper nutrition, exercise, and weight loss techniques is beneficial to health, so putting your knowledge to work by actually living a healthy lifestyle will lower your risk of cardiovascular diseases, obesity and other ailments.

Learning about weight maintenance and educating yourself on this aspect can be a key ingredient to a healthy lifestyle so I tried going to Allura.

During my body assessment I was advised to have lipo cavitation and bio ultra tone treatment. Every client must undergo body assessment because they tailor programs to each individual's specific need to deliver the results that you are looking for.

Lipo cavitation is the best treatment for fat destruction. It is an exciting new treatment which improves the overall appearance of an area that contains excess fat or cellulite.

While Bio Ultra Tone is the ultimate answer to a streamlined well toned body which can be achieved through strenous physical activities associated with fitness enthusiasts who spend endless hours in fitness clinics.

Bio Ultra Tone vs. Gym Exercise

"Mas mabilis ang effect in a lesser timeline" said Ms. Mari
In gym, you become hungry because you lost a lot of energy, but in this treatment only the muscles gets tired, you burn calories without replacing the energy. Since calories play an important role on losing and maintaining weight.

It only takes 30 minutes for Lipo cavitation and another 30 minutes for Bio Ultra Tone.

Lipocavitation costs 3,500/session while Bio Ultra Tone costs 1,800/session. This is perfect for those with ideal body weight who wishes to maintain it.



• Break 10 mm of fat tissue in 10 minutes
• Results compare to liposuction
• Ideal for heavily dimpled thighs and bulging abdomens.


• Ultimate answer for those that desire a streamlined TONED BODY.
• Ideal to individuals who spend endless hours in the gym.
• Immediate results – up to 4 cm in a single session
• Increases body metabolism
• Whole body treatement


Only minor pain but will not last for a day.

Get to know more about the latest health regimens visit Allura at 102 Richwell Center Timog Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines ·

Contact Numbers:
(02)352-7876/ (02)384-5502/ mobile # 09178-ALLURA

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