Are you a vegetarian and a mushroom
lover? You’d better be careful with your mushroom burger!

The MUSHROOM BURGER JOINT, which originated in Tagaytay City, has now branched out in Katipunan, West Avenue, and a stall in Ateneo De Manila University. They offer Mushroom with Beef Burger, Mushroom with Pork Burger, and Mushroom with Chicken Burger. It goes with French fries and drinks of your own choice. I am sure you’ll love the tasty burgers and the delicious French Fries. But if you are a pure vegetarian, a Veggie, it is better for you to
order Mushroom Sandwich because it has no other meat ingredients that veggies tries to avoid.

Don’t be confused with the Mushroom Burger items which were mentioned earlier because
it contains meat and poultry. You might be misled by its name, Mushroom Burger, thinking that it is made of pure mushroom. It was actually a misnomer since the supposed flavor, like beef, chicken and pork was not declared. Its ingredients will only be revealed if you’ll ask the Food Servers. I am sure that the company of Mushroom Burger has no intention of lying or misleading its precious customers.

But if you’re a vegetarian check out the Mushroom Sandwich, it is one of the tastiest if not the best in town.

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