likha diwa sa gulod

likha diwa sa gulod
#1 Lt. J. Francisco Street, Brgy. Krus na Ligas , Quezon City

VAT REG. TIN 202-252-302-000

Veggie Kare-Kare 100 Php
Shrimp Chopsuey 100 Php
Lemon Grass 60 Php
Veggie Pansit 120 Php

It was not my first time to eat here - Likha Diwa. In fact a few years ago I searched it using bike because places in U.P. like this is hard to find but for a vegetarian like me there is no reason not to go here. The food is satisfying at the same time affordable. The place is so homey , there's a floor you can sit while eating. The default for rice meal is red rice, organic and much healthier than white rice. The place was well designed and mostly they have art exhibits.

Since the place is hard to find, the day when I went here is disappointing. It was raining and I grab my gf that day to eat nutritious food instead of meat. The place was full, the service was real slow, I need to eat already, it's getting late. Thank gf I have crackers, I ate 2 packs to lessen my starvation. When my food was there it was like just an obligation. Because I just need to eat.

Despite of the bad experience I would still eat here, but I would not recommend this to my friends, their service might be slower the next time. If Karuna (U.P. veg resto near romulo hall) didn't close I would choose to go there instead. The next time I will eat here I will eat some food first. Just to make sure I will not starve that hard anymore. Thank you likha diwa sa gulod, one of the place you can eat vegetarian.

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