What's Vegetarian in Figaro

Figaro is a popular coffee shop here in the Philippines.
Coffee has nothing to do with vegetarianism, coffee consumption is a personal choice.
Figaro serves coffee and meals and at the same same time they have vegetarian pasta options.
So What's Vegetarian in Figaro ? here are some that I know :

Pesto P169
Arabiata  P169
Summer Frost P125

*pasta here are not vegan, it has cheese. 
To know what is Vegan click here:

Summer Frost comes in 3 flavors:

Watermelon Grape Breeze

Green Apple Cucumber Whirl

Peach Lychee Sunrise

I am vegetarian and I drink coffee , it's plant based and there's nothing wrong with it. In fact coffee has health benefits:
Here's a wikipedia health benefits of coffee:

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