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New Vegetarian Products: UnMEAT

Thank God there's a lot of vegetarian meat options nowadays making plant-based diet easy to practice.

With unMEAT, taste is never compromised! It is as delicious as a regular meat patty, with a similar mouth-feel, making it the best meat alternative for those who are planning to make the switch to a healthier, more sustainable diet. Even better, unMEAT is packed with simple but nutritious ingredients. It is a good source of fiber and protein. It’s also cholesterol-free, trans fat-free, egg-free, and dairy-free. 

Here’s the newest meat alternative that looks, tastes and is priced like real meat.

It’s a generally accepted notion that eating healthy means skipping great-tasting food.  

Not anymore. Now it’s completely possible to enjoy the best of both worlds as Century Pacific Food Inc. (CNPF), one of the largest branded food companies in the Philippines, unveils its newest brand: unMEAT, a 100% plant-based meat, made tasty from simple ingredients. 

Meet unMEAT, the 100% plant-based meat

In the Philippines, unMEAT was first introduced through Shakey’s Pizza’s newest offering, the Goood Burger. It has since attracted a small cult following in the few weeks it has top-billed Shakey’s Pizza chain’s foray to burgers. 

Now, as the plant-based food mania continues to sweep the world over, Century Pacific Food Inc., is giving consumers easy access to healthy and tasty 100% plant-based food options as unMEAT is now available via online shopping platforms, and increasingly in supermarkets and specialty stores nationwide.

Following unMEAT’s successful initial rollout as Shakey’s Goood Burger, CNFP will also be partnering with more restaurants in the country

Additionally, the company’s Global Brands Team has started offering the product to customers across a network of 80 countries such as the USA, Singapore, China and the Middle East giving consumers in many parts of the world easy access to tasty, healthy, and affordable 100% plant-based meat alternative.

This newest addition to our product portfolio further strengthens our mission to provide affordable nutrition for all. UnMEAT is both very affordable and delicious!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

How To Get Quality Sleep

 "Ang Dugo Mo, Kamusta?" 

Sangobion Talks Why A Healthy Blood Leads to An Effective Immune System.

As Work-From-Home (WFH) becomes the new normal, the realities of performing work and home functions simultaneously may feel like a never-ending cycle. While everyone is trying their best to get a knack on winning in this situation, managing this new lifestyle stressor is not easy for all women, and coping might even be more difficult for working moms.

Pressures build up overtime and if unaddressed, it can result to chronic stress that may also affect your blood health.


 If you notice yourself experiencing symptoms of prolonged fatigue, lack of energy, and lack of motivation, it is time to reassess your lifestyle as you may be experiencing a case of iron deficiency anemia.

A healthy blood leads to a healthier immune system

Ang Dugo Mo, Kamusta? — is the question that Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+) wants every Filipino to have for themselves and their loved ones. Iron Deficiency Anemia is a common case in Filipino women and those with chronic medical conditions. And most of those who have it have learned to function despite experiencing its symptoms.

When the body has iron deficiency anemia, it is unable to produce healthy red blood cells which store and carry oxygen to the other parts of the body. The risk of not addressing this condition may take a toll on the immune system and the body can be more susceptible to illnesses and infections.

Small lifestyle changes to boost your blood health and immunity

Incorporating small healthy changes into your current WFH situation can help improve your blood health. Here are three easy ways to add to your daily schedule to fight iron deficiency anemia and keep your immunity healthy.

1. Perform quick 12-minute exercise routines daily

There are plenty of workout routines available online that you can complete in under 15 minutes. But if you still find those taxing, just keep in mind that the goal is to have your heart rate up a little, so think of it as working out efficiently by exerting the right amount of effort.

This can be as basic as going up and down the stairs, jumping rope, or even just walking around the house for 12 minutes. If you want more intensity, you can try the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with short but intense bursts of activity with short break periods.

Moderate exercise routines when done daily can boost your immunity. Plus, it also helps boost your energy for the day.

2. Help your body fight off iron deficiency anemia with Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+) 3

Proper diet and nutrition help keep the body healthy. Going for nutritious meals over processed ones and choosing food rich in iron like red meat, beans, dark green leafy vegetables to add to your diet can benefit your body positively. But for those who are running on hectic daily schedules, monitoring a balanced diet might be a hard commitment to make. Taking multivitamins daily can help the body get the nutrients and minerals it needs when your food intake won’t be able to provide them.

Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+) is an iron supplement with vitamins and minerals that helps replenish iron stores and increases red blood cell levels in the body. 4 It has ferrous gluconate, a type of iron salt which allows better absorption of iron in the body, Folic acid, and vitamin B12 which are vital for production of red blood cells and during pregnancy. It also contains Vitamin C which helps improve iron absorption, and Copper sulphate and manganese sulphate that helps in the metabolic processes of blood cell production.

3. Get quality sleep

Sleep is vital to having a strong immune system and while everyone is aware of this, not all are keeping close tabs of their sleeping routines. The National Sleep Foundation released sleep-quality recommendations, which include: being able to fall asleep in 30 minutes or less, waking up for five minutes or longer not more than once a night, you fall back asleep within 20 minutes, and you’re asleep 85% of the time you spend in bed. 

If you’re guilty of not meeting these recommendations, try to change up the way you get ready for bed. Create a healthy sleep routine by going to bed and waking up at the same time daily to train your body and mind on a schedule. Free yourself from your phone or tablet at least one hour before bedtime so your brain won’t be stimulated. Establish a relaxing bedtime routine like reading a book, meditation, or drinking tea to put you into a state of calm.

Consider these small lifestyle changes an investment to your health. When you maintain a healthy blood, it keeps you less vulnerable in getting illnesses and infections. Taking Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+) helps regulate your blood iron, so you won’t have to worry about experiencing symptoms of iron deficiency anemia.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

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Hello veggies! Have a happy weekend. It's less than 100 days before Christmas, let's work out on something fit and strong. Join me in my push-up challenge.


Monday, July 20, 2020

Essential Meal Prep Tips for Busy Parents

Essential Meal Prep Tips for Busy Parents 
Busy moms and dads have a lot on their plates. When you’re juggling work and taking care of the kids, you don’t need to worry about cooking an elaborate dinner every night. Fortunately, there are shortcuts to making healthy dinners fast when meal prep is simply not in the cards. A meal delivery service, for instance, that provides countless nutritious meals for kids.

The key to delicious, healthy dinners in 30 minutes or less lies in one simple thing: Preparation. You don’t have to be a pro chef to make a delicious meal for your family if you only think ahead! Try these simple tricks and wow your family every night without you feeling exhausted and burnt out. 

Prep Meal Ingredients Ahead of Time 
Each day, schedule in time to prep meal ingredients for the next day. If you are a morning person, you might like to get up 30 minutes earlier than usual to do your meal prep. If you don’t have time in the mornings, take a few minutes before or after dinner to prepare for the next day. By getting everything ready one day ahead, you will not only make cooking easier, you will also leave enough time to dash out to the store if you are missing some ingredients. Many people swear by meal prepping as a way to stay healthy because you are approaching food in a calm, organized way rather than rushing to eat something quickly at the last minute. When you don’t plan ahead, you can end up being tempted by fast food or other impulses that wreck your diet.

Stick to Simple 30 Minute Recipes 
Start simple. Don’t go overboard with complicated recipes that take hours to make with fancy equipment. When cooking everyday, most people simply don’t have enough time to spend more than thirty minutes in the kitchen preparing for a meal. Plus, most moms and dads know that kids don’t really like complicated food anyway and much prefer classics like Oven Baked Chicken Tenders and Healthy Mac and Cheese.

Make Meal Starters and Store in Freezer 
Meal starters, like pasta sauce, taco meat, and chicken broth can be bought, but everyone knows that homemade versions are much better! Meal starters are usually time-intensive, so making them ahead of time is a really smart thing to do. When you have a spare afternoon, devote some time to making meal starters that you know you will use later in different recipes. You can store them all in the freezer until they are needed. No more store bought cans!

Save Your Leftovers 
Made too much food for your family of 4? Don’t throw it away! Leftovers are a dream that many parents intentionally try to have on hand because they are basically two nights of meals that only took the time and energy of one. To preserve freshness, store your leftovers in airtight containers. Meat, noodles, and pizza are generally fine in the fridge for 3-4 days, but if you know you’re not going to eat them right away, you should go ahead and store them in the freezer.

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STRENGTH Pushups and Planking Challenge | Yoga video blog #4

I will share simple tips to gain upper body strength thru push-ups and planks.

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New Vegetarian Products: UnMEAT

Thank God there's a lot of vegetarian meat options nowadays making plant-based diet easy to practice. With unMEAT , taste is never compr...

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